Special 10% Promotion on Pickup at Kansai Airport Shop

Discount Rate 10%

It has been a while that we have not been able to receive and welcome our customers from overseas as before... Still now, Japan basically close borders to tourists just like other countries.

However some people have started coming back to Japan for family, work or own purpose; and we would like to support those as it is not allowed to use public transportation in the 14 days of quarantine period. For them, using car rental, limousine service, and family car (driven by family) are the only choices available to go home in Japan.


Special 10% Promotion on Pickup at Kansai Airport Shop 

●Pickup Date: 1 Sep, – 18 Dec, 2020
●Discount Amount: 10% Discount on Car Rate
●Pickup Shop: Kansai International Airport Shop (関西国際空港) ONLY


There is no discount code.  Simply make an adequate booking (i.e. pickup at Kansai Airport Shop https://new.rentacar-jp.com/shop/view/?id=1458&lang=en ) and email us at admin@rentacar-jp.com with your booking application number.


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