7% Discount for Car Rental on July 2020

Discount Rate 7%
7% Discount for Car Rental on July 2020

It is almost the time to develop a new travel plan for coming summer! Here, as our latest promotion, let us introduce some Cool-Japanese-styled restaurants at riverside terrace where you can look over the river and enjoy some breeze.

This charming sight of Summer is seen in Kansai area and is often called as “納涼床 (Noryo-yuka or Noryo-doko)”. And particularly in Kyoto, it is called as ”川床 (Kawayuka or Yuka)” in Kamogawa area, and “Kawadoko” in Kifune and Takao areas. Regardless of how to call, it is a famous seasonal event to enjoy cooling off on hot summer days, which opens from May to September.

It is said that Kawadoko/Yuka in Kyoto was originally started as that a teahouse placed foldable chairs beside a river in summer, and their customers had seated to enjoy having their feet soaked in the cool stream of the river. Afterward, the setting was changed from placing chairs to setting up a temporary balcony above river. Nowadays, in Kifune area, you can enjoy casual Japanese-styled eating experience like “Nagashi Soumen”; flowing soumen noodles in connected half-cut bamboo tubes, as well as typical Kyoto traditional cuisines.

Another tip to enjoy this Kawadoko/Yuka easily and quickly is to visit Starbucks Kyoto Sanjo Ohashi branch shop because this branch shop has the similar setting on their balcony overlooking Kamogawa River.

Starbucks Sanjo Ohashi Branch: https://store.starbucks.co.jp/en/detail-68/ 
* No reservation is required for a seat at Kawadoko area, but only available from 16:00 to 22:00 in July.
Kyoto City Travel Guide (Food and Restaurant): https://r.gnavi.co.jp/lang/s/en/?asp=area_kyotocity&bbbid=122845
* Search “Kawadoko”, “Kawayuka” or “Yuka” at the free word search box to find a restaurant offering such a setting.
Introduction Article about Noryo-doko (at Jalan): https://www.jalan.net/news/article/180583/

◆Discount Offer:
Pickup Date: 1 Jul – 31 Jul, 2020
Discount Amount: 7% discount on car rate

1) Not applicable to the booking in Okinawa prefecture.
2) Please contact us at admin@rentacar-jp.com if you have eligible booking(s) to apply for this promotion.
3) The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers including membership discount and seasonal promotions.
4) The offer is available for booking at https://new.rentacar-jp.com only.

How to Get the Discount
To Get the Discount: Please input “06072020“ in “Friend Referral Code / Other Discount Code” during your online booking.