7% Discount for Car Rental on June 2020

Discount Rate 7%
7% Discount for Car Rental on June 2020

Humid air and frequent rain…..these might be a typical impression of June of Japan. But June can be the best season for some places and you will be able to meet miraculous creatures there such as fireflies.

Kameiwa Cave is located in Shimizu Stream Square in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture where you can reach if you drive toward south from Tokyo. The spot came up in conversation because of one snapshot posted on Instagram a few years ago, which looked like a scenery that you can see in Studio Ghibli’s animation movies like “Princess Mononoke”. Not only that June is the best season for sightseeing; but you can also see firefly flashing at night during rainy season to early Summer.

Here is some tips and etiquette for fireflies flashing viewing;
1) No light during the viewing. It is preferable to make a perfect darkness so that fireflies can communicate each other with flushing. Even a light of Smartphone screen can be distractive to them.
2) No stepping into grasses where fireflies might be and no littering. Fireflies can live only in clean water and environment.
3) No bug repellent use as firefly is one of “bugs”.
(Reference: http://noumizohotaru.com/ in Japanese only)

Respect the rule and cherish the experiences in nature, so your trip will be a memorable one!

For more about “Kameiwa Cave”: https://travel.gaijinpot.com/kameiwa-cave/ (in English)

Discount Offer:
Pickup Date: 1-30 June , 2020
Discount Amount: 7% discount on car rate

1) Not applicable to the booking in Okinawa prefecture.
2) Please contact us at admin@rentacar-jp.com if you have eligible booking(s) to apply for this promotion.
3) The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers including membership discount and seasonal promotions.
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