Car Category & Rate Renewal as of 1 Apr 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the car rental plan has been redesigned based on TOYOTA Rent-A-Car in Japan’s annual plan update for distributors.

The new plan has been applied to the bookings which pickup date is on or after 1 Apr 2020.  


1) Car Model Classification & Category Name Change 

Passenger (P) and Hybrid (HV) Categories:

The two categories have been merged and renamed.


2) Category Name Change Only

Mini Van & Wagon (W) Category:


SUV (SUV) Category:


Sports Car (SP) Category:


3) Car Model Designation Fee Change

The fee has been aligned at JPY1,100 per 24 hours, for all the categories & classes.


4) Option Rate Change
Child Seat Fee:

The fee has been updated as JPY550 per 24 hours with capped at JPY1,100 per rental, for all the categories & classes.



Please go to the Vehicle Page to check out the new classification and rate. 

You can contact us at if you would like to revise your request on car model, referring to this car class and rate structure changes.