What are ETC card and Expressway pass?

What are ETC card and Expressway pass?

Both ETC card and Expressway Pass are a good option to foreign tourists for easy drive around the expressway network.  Most of our customers reserve either one attached to their car rental booking. 

◆ What is ETC & ETC Card? 
ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is a system to automatically collect toll data using a wireless device installed inside of car.  TOYOTA Rent-A-Car has the dedicated device installed to most of all the cars in fleet and offers ETC Card rental as an option.
With the above mentioned function, ETC Card allows you to pass thorough the expressway toll gate without stopping.  The total spending should be settled when you return a car at rental shop.   You can definitely save your time for your precious trip in Japan, as you do not need to line up at toll gate or bother to juggle unfamiliar bank notes and coins anymore. 

◆ What is Expressway Pass? 
Expressway Pass is a kind of special version of ETC Card which includes special discount package particularly for foreign tourists to travel in Japan.  It grands an unlimited use of designated expressways within a particular coverage area for a set of numbers of day at the fixed price.  It can be good value for those who plan to travel a lot by car within a certain area. 
For the detail about the service area, service charge and applicable shop list of each Expressway Pass, you may refer to the following service provider's official website:

- Tohoku Expressway Pass (TEP): http://www.driveplaza.com/trip/drawari/tep2015/

- Central Nippon Expressway Pass (CEP): http://hayatabi.c-nexco.co.jp/page/?id=88

- San'in-Setouchi-Shikoku Expressway Pass (SEP) : http://global.w-nexco.co.jp/en/sep/

- Kyushu Expressway Pass (KEP): http://global.w-nexco.co.jp/en/kep/

◆ Which Option is More Cost Effective?
It depends on your own drive route planning, because Expressway Pass costs you a fixed service charge even if you did not drive at all.  You may plan which routes to drive first and search how much the expressway toll would cost if you do not buy Expressway Pass, so that you can compare the estimated cost of each options.  The link below is an online expressway route & toll search service for your reference.

E-NEXCO Drive Plaza (in English): https://en.driveplaza.com/dp/MapSearchEN 

◆ How to Reserve?
The option of ETC (this means ETC Card) or Expressway Pass will appear when you book a car by online if those are available at the selected pickup shop.  You can tick either one to reserve as needed.

◆ How to Pay?
All the charges related ETC Card and Expressway Pass should be settled on site, therefore those rates are not shown at your booking confirmation page.

 ETC Card
Rental Fee (JPY330)
Expressway Pass
Service Charge 
Actual Spending on
Expressway Toll 
 ETC Card Yes N/AYes 
 Expressway PassYes Yes If any

* The service charge of Expressway Pass is up to the number of days of your car rental contract.
* Please note that the service period of Expressway Pass must be equal to the car rental period.

Hope this information helps you well. 

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