Special offer for Fubon Credit Card

Discount Rate 10%
Special offer for Fubon Credit Card

Fubon credit card cardholders can enjoy the below discount offers and 8X credit card bonus point upon car bookings at designated website:

· 10% off if pick up the car at Kansai International Airport
· 5% off if pick up the car at other shops in Japan

How to get discount:
Enter the first 6-digit of Fubon Credit Card number in “The First Six Digit of the Credit Card Number”.

1. Offers are not applicable to the car models P1, W1, HV1, HW1 & SP1 (pickup date basis: until 31 March 2020) and car models S, WS & SPA (pickup date basis: from 1 April 2020 onwards), and shops which only accept direct payment. In case of any disputes, the decision of TOYOTA Rent-A-Car & Leasing shall be final and conclusive.
2. Offer is only applicable to car bookings made via new.rentacar-jp.com.
3. Credit card bonus point program is to be bound by the relevant terms and conditions, please refer to https://www.fubonbank.com.hk/en/cards/monthly-special-offers/toyota.html for details.