<<For Spring Booking>> Booking Confirmation Delay for Annual System Update


Thank you for your forward-looking booking request for the upcoming Spring!

TOYOTA Rent-A-Car reviews and updates the car rental plan at the beginning of every fiscal year (Apr - Mar) and we have been suspending all the booking confirmation for pickup on 1 Apr or after to wait for our system update along with that.  This year, as we have not received the full picture yet, we assume that the update might be completed after Lunar New Year, say, mid February.  The booking confirmation will be sent out once the everything is ready.

...Thinking to come back here later? - No way!!

We will serve customers for booking requests on first-come-first-served basis, so please make a booking request first to secure an earlier position in the long queue ;)

Thank you for your attention and we are always looking forward to serving you again!

Online Booking Support Team