How to Calculate the Rate


Rent a WS Class for

i) 2 Days 2 hours 30 mins

Basic Rate = ¥ 13,200 (1st Day) + ¥ 9,900 x 1 Day + ¥ 1,650 x 3 hours*

= ¥ 13,200 + ¥ 9,900 + ¥4,950

= ¥ 28,050

* Less than an hour is charged as one hour (e.g. 2 hours 30 mins = 3 hours)

ii) 2 Days 8 hours

Basic Rate = ¥ 13,200 (1st Day) + ¥ 9,900 x 1 Day + ¥ 1,650 x 8 hours

= ¥ 13,200 + ¥ 9,900 + ¥13,200 ¥ 9,900* (Total Hourly Rate > Daily Rate)

= ¥ 33,000

* In case the total hourly rate is higher than the rate of one excess day, we will apply the lower one.

TOYOTA Rent a Car has a variety of options for your intended use. Rates for options are as follows

Options Rate How to Reserve
GPS(Car Navigation System) Free Equipped on all car (except for some car models and areas)
4WD (Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle)

JPY1,650/24 hours

You can choose these options through our online reservation service in advance.
Winter tires The fee may differ by car class and region.(*1)
Child Seat(*2)


JPY550/24 hours

(The total amount of the fee is capped at JPY 1,100 per rental.)

ETC Card


(The charge will not be included in the prepayment amount but it should be settled at shop.)

(*1) Some areas may provide snow tires as standard option with no charge.

(*2) It is required by law to use a child seat for a child under 6 years old.

  • ・Infant Seat (Less than 9 kg in weight / Less than 100 cm in height)
  • ・Child Seat (Between 9–18 kg in weight / Less than 100 cm in height)
  • ・Booster Seat (Less than 15–32 kg in weight / Less than 100–135 cm in height)

With One-Way System, you can return your rental car at a different shop from the pickup shop. An extra fee (One-Way System rate) will be charged if you return the car to a shop outside of the prefecture (outside of the area for Hokkaido) where you picked up.

* The One-Way System is not available for the following traveling cases;

1) Between Hokkaido and Honshu, Shikoku or Kyushu. 2) Between Okinawa and other prefectures.

* The One-Way System may not be available for some car models and shops.

Cars are filled with gasoline or diesel before you rent and you are expected to fill up the tank upon your car return. If you fail to do so, a prescribed fuel charge depending on mileage will be added for the final fee adjustment. Fuel charge may differ by shop.