User Policy and Privacy Policy
MJ Produce Ltd. reserves every right to change the policy from time to time without prior notice.
User Policy

Benefits and discounts are redeemable for booking by and make the payment by online only. These offers are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be shared. The highest discount rate should be applied to each booking in case multiple offers are available and eligible for the booking.

The membership program does not require any account management fee, such as for enrollment and cancellation. Upon the program enrollment, the privilege will be granted to all the future bookings made under the account. Please make sure to make a booking(s) at the same time or after joining the membership program. Any of past booking(s) made without membership log-in or a booking(s) in someone’s membership account(s) cannot be transferred or consolidated to another existing membership account. In case of the membership cancellation, all the benefits will be automatically forfeited.

Privacy Policy

MJ Produce Ltd.recognizes the significance of the problems reported recently involving the leaking and unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

The Company consequently positions the protection of personal information and actions to eliminate or minimize the risk of such problems occurring as a critical task.

Attaching top priority to the protection of the personal information provided by our customers who use rental cars or car sharing services (including individual numbers and personal information that includes individual numbers, and the same shall apply hereinafter) and of the personal information and the employee information that we obtain (including individual numbers and personal information that includes individual numbers) and in the spirit of compliance (legal observance), we will establish a policy for the protection of personal information and a management system for such information and pledge to adhere to the Personal Information Protection Policy outlined below. All directors and employees of the Company will handle personal information in accordance with this policy and management system, and will strive to properly protect and manage personal information.

1.The Company shall handle personal information in accordance with its operations and the management system stated above. The Company will apply appropriate management rules for the use, provision and outsourcing of such information.

2.In handling personal information, the Company shall clarify the purpose of use, obtain the information by appropriate means, and ensure that the information remains accurate and up to date. As for personal information that does not include individual numbers, we will not use or provide such information to any third party beyond the scope of the purpose of use agreed by our customers, and as for individual numbers, we will handle such numbers within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use and will not use or provide such numbers to any third party for purposes other than the purpose of use approved by law. We will implement necessary measures to fulfill this pledge.

3.We will comply with any laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information, such as the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as guiding principles issued by the government and any other rules and norms established by administrative bodies in protecting personal information.

4.The Company deeply recognizes the risks of loss, leakage or damage, and unauthorized access in regards to personal information, and implements the appropriate preventive and corrective measures.

5.The Company shall establish a handling section and procedures for customer requests and complaints concerning personal information held by the Company, and respond speedily and faithfully to such requests and complaints.

6.The Company shall review its personal information management system continually, to ensure that it meets the requirements of the information age, revise the system each time any change occurs in the technical or social environment, and consistently improve the system to enable effective implementation.

7.We will take the necessary and appropriate security control precautions for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control of individual numbers and personal information, which includes individual numbers of our customers.